(Rainy Ondine)

Citrus chord Fragrandise®.

This is the sweetness of juicy orange that comes Litsée teasing its lemony flavors.

(Amber Leprechaun)

Ambery chord Fragrandise®

Oriental Dreams for the marriage of vanilla and precious and mysterious patchouli.

(Elf with a Pipe)

Leather chord Fragrandise®.

When the hot benzoin, vanilla and resinous softens the ” burnt wood ” printing birch.

(Clearings’ Korrigan)

Woody chord Fragrandise®.

When woody sandalwood meets cedar resin , for a hot and creamy flavor.

(Fairy of the roses garden)

Floral chord Fragrandise®.

Walk in the Garden of flavors and languorous meeting between the fresh honey and pink, green and fruity geranium and ylang ylang and spicy powdered.

(Foams’ Troll)

Fougère chord Fragrandise®

Unexpected mishmash of camphor lavender, rose geranium and the woody and smoky vetiver.

(Gardens’ Pixie)

Chypre chord Fragrandise®.

The marriage of zesty and tangy bergamot, fruity rose, jasmine sweet opulence and complexity of patchouli.

Our Fragrandises® , mix combine flavor and aroma. They awaken our greed and revealed through the taste of chocolate , a set of fragrances , thanks to flavor extracts and essential oils in edible infinitesimal dose , present in each one, for an original and subtle tasting appealing to head, heart and base notes, as in the experience of a scent.

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